About us

Becopay is a series of financial and technical specialists gathered with one purpose: “Providing fresh solutions in order to facilitate using cryptocurrencies”. At the first step, Becopay service is presented as a solution to make payments easier for tourists in Iran. Becopay’s organizational culture cares much about establishing stable services and ease of use. We do have further steps to go through and Becopay is looking forward to achieve these goals with accompany of his business partners.

  • Future approaches:
    Becopay sees no limits in payment service providing and will always try to achieve greater goals toward removing financial borders in order to provide better and newer services to people. Becopay knows that ideas make the future and with that policy it illustrates the future by fresh ideas and interactions with business partners. Becopay understands that you perform an important role in our future and appreciates all people who aid us in this way.
  • Cryptocurrencies:
    The base of the Becopay services is based on cryptocurrencies. cryptocurrency is a new and powerful type of money that can be used beyond geographic and financial boundaries to transfer value. The core of Becopay services are based on this technology. The use of this new technology has its own complexity and risks. Becopay is designed to simplify and extend the use of cryptocurrency by protecting privacy and security . There are a lot of hard steps on this path and we hope you stay with us along the way.

عضویت در خبرنامه