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Getting started with Becopay

  • How to start using Becopay?
    Becopay is a cryptocurrency based payment system launched in order to facilitate payments in Iran. If you intend do any purchasing, you can go to the shop while having Bitcoin or Ethereum in your wallet and after shopping your items, pay the price easily via scanning the presented QR code by the merchant, using your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.

  • How to find merchants accepting Becopay?
    By visiting the Map webpage, you can see the whole list of merchants supporting this service. This list is updated daily and new shops joining us will be shown in the list.

  • How much does it cost to do payments using Becopay?
    Using Becopay service is free. Only the cost of transactions in cryptocurrency network will be charged.

  • How much time does it take to pay using Becopay?
    Depends on the type of cryptocurrency used and the traffic on that cryptocurrency’s network at the payment moment. In case of choosing proper transaction fee, it will take less than few minutes and if transaction fee is too low, it may take up to one hour.


  • Do I need internet connection in order to use this service?
    This only depends on features provided by your cryptocurrency wallet. Few cryptocurrency wallets like Samurai wallet provide transactions via SMS(coming soon). Using internet connection is often less expensive.

  • How to access internet?
    Accessing internet connection in Iran is rather easy and you can establish connection anywhere, anytime by buying a prepaid SIM card; or you can ask the merchant to provide the internet connection for your payment.

  • Transaction process has taken so much time and is not confirmed yet. What should I do?
    The maximum wait time for transaction is usually 30 minutes. If you have waited more, probably the traffic on your cryptocurrency ’s network is high. You have two options:
    1- Cancel the transaction if possible and increase the cryptocurrency transaction fee and try again.
    2- Contact the support team for unconfirmed transactions.

  • Is it necessary for customers to confirm their identity in Becopay?
    No. Customers don’t need to confirm their identity in Becopay network and can do their payments by any wallet.

  • How much is the maximum amount for each payment?
    The maximum cap in each payment is different for merchants. But you can do unlimited number of transactions with maximum of 1000 dollars each day. This cap will be increased in near future.

  • Can I return the merchandise after purchasing and take my cryptocurrency back?
    Yes. In Iran most of Merchants allow their customers to do such action. It is possible to return your cryptocurrency; the merchant must contact our support to comply the money return procedure. Cryptocurrency return will be determined by that cryptocurrency moment price based on rial.


  • How can I proceed to use Becopay in my shop?
    Complete the registration form and click here to install our application. Our experts will guide you as you contact our support team.

  • How to know if the buyer has paid the money?
    After payment is done by the buyer, keep your app screen open and make sure of the internet connection and wait to see the message showing the success in payment. You can also view past payments’ reports in the app.

  • As a merchant using Becopay, how much would I be charged?
    Using this service is completely free of charges.

  • How much time does it take until I receive my money in my bank account?
    After the transaction is confirmed, your money will be transferred to your account as soon as possible. If the transaction amount is increased, it may take 24 hours.

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